About DataSpeaks

About Dataspeaks

Dataspeaks, Inc. is a software intellectual property out-licensing and development firm for the Science of Individuality Measurement Algorithm (SIMA).


DataSpeaks will make the world a better place by strengthening data-driven science. 

Meet Curt

Curtis A. Bagne has a Ph.D. in experimental psychology, post-doctoral training in mental health statistics, and faculty experience at the Wayne State University and Dartmouth medical schools. Curt was a clinical researcher at Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research in Ann Arbor. Curt invented and holds issued software patents that claim features, applications, and uses of what is now called the Science of Individuality Measurement Algorithm (SIMA). Curt is President and Founder of DataSpeaks, Inc. Curt has come to self-identify as a systems sciences methodologist.

Curtis A. Bagne